Boy it was a HOT week in Portland, OR — I think there was one day we were over 90! I know in my hometown ( Los Angeles) they have been going over 100 !!!
Stress Reducer Detox Water Recipe
It is really important when it is hot like now to drink plenty of water
I grew up with a lemon and orange tree so I loved added these fruit to water to give it some “zip” — if you have never done it before it REALLY is life changing…. well maybe not life changing BUT it is pretty darn good
I find that the balance in this water is perfect — I seriously felt my stress fall away

What the ingredients do for you 
Lime ( Lime  are natural energizers plus it kick starts that metabolism )
Cucumbers – Refreshing
Fresh Mint ( Helps your breath and helps you tummy work better)
Strawberries – Adds a wonderful flavor to the water
One question I get a lot when I post these water recipes is how often do I change out the ingredients – I find that this drink can be filled up about 3 times before I need to change out the ingredients – it really is the strawberries that cause the problem since they lose their color.
What I like best about the Stress Reducer Detox Water Recipe is that it is naturally sweet by the mint — I am a HUGE soda girl but I find that the mint quenches my sweet tooth
Also this drink is naturally gluten free
If you make the Stress Reducer Detox Water Recipe please make sure to comment and let us know what you think
    • 10 oz of cold water
    • ice
    • 1 strawberry sliced
    • 2 mint leaves – diced
    • 4 cucumber slices
    • 2 slices of lime
  • Instructions

      1. I use my mason jar – but a normal large glass will do
      2. Mix all the ingredients together in the glass
      3. I wait about 5 minutes before drinking – allows time for all the flavors to marry
      4. Enjoy!


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